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Captured by Erin Meally


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About Erin


Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, I have always had adventure in my heart, the restless urge to go that one step further, to climb a little higher, to see what is just around that very next corner, and always with a camera poised to share the experience. Always encouraged & supported by a like-minded family growing up, I found my niche in this world wasn't to be that which was common, but one that I adapted for myself, an adventurer and a photographer. I have driven with no plan and it has enabled me to see things far greater than if I had mapped it out.

I have packed many a suitcase and set off solo to live in many different countries over the past decade. A horseback safari guide in the Namib Desert and the Okavango Delta, a lodge manager in one of the most remote camp's in Southern Africa and again on the beautiful Zambezi River, just some of the many experiences that I look back on fondly. 
I have had the privilege of exploring many beautiful and unique places; from riding horses in the wilds of Africa to swimming in the Devils Pool at the edge of the Victoria Falls. I've travelled to England and been in awe of a history so immense it is hard to fathom and I've wandered the Italian countryside and absorbed a culture so steeped in love and family tradition it's breath-taking.  
More recently, I visited the Wild Brumby Horses of the Kosciuszko National Park, a dream I have had since I was a little girl. 

It is my hope that my images may give you a new perspective of the beauty displayed before us each day, or that my stories may enlighten and inspire you to set off on your own next adventure.

I hope you enjoy.

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